Glass & Wood Collection

The table with twin wooden planks provides ample space and is perfect for any living area. It is modern, generous, lightweight and designed for life that happens around it. The almost invisible glass legs support both planks, which seem suspended in the air.









Glass & Wood Collection

The stunning combination of tempered glass and solid wood surface creates an illusion which defies the law of gravity. Glass a transparent material represents air and wood signifies earth. Together they bring balance and harmony.

What our clients are saying

Inspired by her love for all things naturale, Aarti has taken the commonplace ‘furniture ‘ to dizzying heights with her love for adventure and curated ‘knock on wood ‘ with contemporary and classic, inside and outdoor furniture alongwith lighting and designed accessories for homes gardens and office spaces with her passion . The edit is truly spectacular in its range and sensibility......atta girl of luck always xx. and I wish the Knock on Wood team, all the best for their future endeavours."
Shilpa Bagrodia
Client In Chandigarh
"We have worked and collaborated extensively with Knock on Wood( KNW) to produce high quality furniture and lifestyle pieces. What is noteworthy is their hands-on attitude to research and development through physical prototyping. KNW has an excellent workshop facility, capable of creating almost any and every finish on wood and metal. Their willingness o experiment with various materials and scales, is the reason why Archohm chooses to partner with them on multiple projects. I hope we continue to work together in times to come
Mridu Sahai
Client In Noida