Knock on Wood’s founder Aarti Aggarwal has years of experience in furniture design. This has enabled her to make customization her company’s forte. Influenced by her education in London and Copenhagen, Aggarwal creates minimalist furniture with a focus on handcrafting beautifully designed items that are ethereal.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Knock on Wood has built on the legacy of Aggarwal’s previous enterprise-House of Design- a studio with an eclectic mix of furniture for commercial and A bed crafted from teak wood and rusted mid steel; the headboard is upholstered with natural linen fabrlc. welders, lathe operators and tool-room experts all work intandem to create a range of exquisitelv made hardwood furniture. Knock on Wood wants to create pieces that have an emotional connect with the buvers. According to Aggarwal, “Design is a fusion of art with psychology and vision with technology.”BESPOKE: Their collection of hardwood furniture can be customized as per clients specifrcations.

BRAND LOYALISTS: Amarjeet Syali (principal architecr at Locus Design), Sourabh Gupta (principal architect at Archohm) PRICE RANGE: {35,ooo ons’ards “I welcome you intl my wzrld. You may fnd it classic 0r czn ternPlrary, Jzrnetimes bold, szrnetintes eccen tric, szrnetirnes daring, but always genuine and bonest. Tbat is rny bzpe.”-AartiAggarwal, Owner NEED TO KNOW:residential use. The founder starced designing furniturer,vith a team of two workmen and a workshop based out of her parents garage. Fourreen years later,Knock on Wood has a studio in Delhi and state-of- the-art manufacturing premises in Chandigarh. Itsteam of skilled carpenters, paint and polish experts