Knock On Wood

Knock On Wood

Unique by Default

Over the years the hospitality industry has transformed from an art to a science. The combined impact of shifting demographics and new technologies are the primary catalysts for this metamorphosis.The millennial generation that forms the largest segment of the hospitality industry doesn’t want a standardized, homogeneous travel experience.

Exploration, interaction and experience are the major focus of the younger generation who are willing to pay more for a greater experience. As a result, the importance of hotel lobbies cannot be stressed enough. Hotels are moving toward a more integrated lobby model that addresses all of the aforementioned needs, offering a comfortable, convenient space in which to congregate, enjoy food and drink, socialize and conduct business. To accentuate the ambiance unique designs like the Translations (from the Canvas of Life Collection), Forest Brew (from the Canvas of Life Collection) and the Wall installation (from the Mardi Gras Collection) can come into play.

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