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Knock On Wood

Knock On Wood

Bringing Nature Into Your Home

Bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors by adding natural elements to the interior spaces. Several ecological elements can be incorporated in to the decor scheme to turn the home into a cozy refuge. With our lifestyles being rather stressful and chaotic, more so at work, this will not only provide warmth to spaces, but will improve mental health and help you remain calm and relaxed.
The size of the room should be your first consideration; the size and the color of the furniture play an important role in making the room look spacious. Whatever natural light the room gets should be channelized and put to the best possible use. Furthermore, the placement of the bed should be such that it’s not the first thing that you see when you walk into the room.
This entire experience of creating a natural habitat can be brought about by choosing furniture wisely. It is essential to pick up pieces that are finished in their natural character. The wood must be treated in a way that its natural grain is highlighted to perfection. The bed which is the central piece of the bedroom sets the mood; a raw wood bed from Knock on wood’s forest collection is a perfect example. A raw wood bench like the Ketch and a log lamp wood compliment the ambience.
The décor is further accentuated by keeping the walls neutral (in a palette of greys, creams and whites). The combination of such colors with wooden elements proves ideal to provide a warm setting. You can be experimental in terms of flooring and opt for brick tiling or choose light wooden flooring to help dark wood furniture remain the focal point in the room. In order to enhance the marriage of the indoor and outdoor spaces, mood lighting must be incorporated.
A few simple additions to the existing decor can freshen and brighten it up:

1. Adding mirrors to walls- Mirrors reflect the ambience around them and are perfect way to dress up walls. Large mirror panels not only open up spaces they brighten them as well. Reflecting light and colour mirrors magnify everything.

2. Wall Murals –another great way to do u the walls is wall murals, in wood or any other material the mural adds a texture to the wall.

3. Tables – adding an entrance table to your foyer , makes the house look more welcoming. An arrangement of flowers or candles or just coloured bottles and make the entrance of the house more celebratory

4. Lights – the brighter the better. Chandeliers add glamour and cheer to a room. Adding a mood light to a corner of your living room creates drama and livens up a dead corner.

The aforementioned tips will help you interact with the outside while remaining indoors

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